Plumber Services in Lahore

We Offer Plumbing Services in Lahore

Are you looking for an immediate plumbing service in Lahore? We are here to help you! At City super tasker, we offer an impressive range of plumbing services, including a 24-hour emergency call. No matter where you are in the city of Lahore, day or night, call us if you need help from a plumber. City super tasker Emergency Plumber – never more than a phone call!
All our plumbers are certified and vaccinated. This can satisfy most companies, but here at City super tasker we do not employ “paper masters”. To get into our books, every plumber must demonstrate practical knowledge and initiative for proper troubleshooting and diagnosis of problems. Therefore, our installers are trained in the high requirements we require, not only to ensure unsurpassed construction quality, but also to ensure that every work performed is 100% safe and meets all necessary regulations. When you hire us, you can be sure that you work with some of the best plumbers in the city.
Our plumbing services cover the whole of Lahore city including Lahore Cantt and DHA.
Our general plumbing services include:
Check and correct leaks (internal and external).
Disassembling and replacement of the affected pipe section. Measures have been taken to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.
Areas covered by our plumbing services in Lahore

We cover the whole city, Lahore, there is nowhere in city that our services do not cover. Whether you need an emergency plumber after hours or someone to install a new stove or shower in your building, we are the right contact.
We are absolutely committed to serving and satisfying our customers, and we believe in offering the lowest possible price to our customers while offering a high quality of service. If you want to know more about who we are and what we do, or if you want to book a visit to one of our installers, call us now: on 0334 8444378
24-hour service subject to availability.
Our general plumbing services include
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hot water heater repair
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toilet installation
tankless water heater installation
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• We insulate and repair overflow problems and replace ball valves if necessary
• We offer a shower installation and repair service. If your shower does not work properly, one of our specialized engineers will remove and install it for you.
• Toilet repairs. If your toilet is clogged, leaking or not flushing properly, call us and we will arrange it for you.
• Repair a leaking faucet. Whether the faucet leaks when you turn it off or the pipes under the sink, we quickly leak the problem and fix it. With CST, you never have to hear a push again!
• We identify and solve problems with hot water and immersion heaters. Do not have hot running water? Do not hesitate to call, CST will help you!
• … and we do much more: installation and repair of tanks; Radiator; Drain; Wet room as well as kitchen and bathroom. No matter what your problem is, whether it is plumbing or heating, CST is the only address.