In these terms and conditions (referred to in this document as “these terms and conditions”), “client” means the client for whom citysupertasker’s work will be performed. “citysupertasker” means “business”. “Contract” means the agreement between the Client and citysupertasker for the performance of the Work to which these terms and conditions refer and where these terms constitute a schedule for an agreement signed between the Client and citysupertasker.

Information / About us

citysupertasker is an online marketplace where qualified and experienced local professionals can connect with clients seeking craft and maintenance services.

By hiring citysupertasker to provide services, you (“the client”) agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

If the customer or seller is dealing DIRECTLY with each other and the company is not involved in such transactions, either verbally or in writing, the company will NOT be liable for any compensation, loss or costs incurred by the last customer.
citysupertasker is NOT responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage suffered by the customer due to mistakes, damage to the workplace or reasons unknown to the seller.
The company, citysupertasker, will only intervene to solve the problem if the customer and the seller do not make a decision when such a circumstance arises. citysupertasker will intervene.